International Academy is a Vocation Education School in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia with very qualified staff and trainers with experience and participation in EU Project.

International Academy Albania is the most popular Vet School with activities in all western Balkans countries. Our studies are focused in Tourism, Accommodation, Management & Marketing, Hairdressing & Aesthetic, IT computers studies. With 6 year of experience and a great performance in the education field.


  In times of uncertainty, fashion responds by launching new dreams and rekindling the desire to escape.  Starting again with momentum in the coming season is the diktat that unites the different hairstyles.

  Always on the hunt for inspirations, ideas, micro trends.  Never as this time at the catwalks between Milan and New York have we smelled contrasting trends, a mix of nostalgia for the past and desire for the future.

 The trends speak for themselves: fringes and scaling will dominate, but also curly and fluffy hair and buzz cuts that will highlight the features.  Short hair is becoming more and more fashionable in 2021. Let’s start with the ladies.

 The absolute star of the looks will be the fringe.  How will it be brought?  Short to enhance the face, cheeky on the tips and composed at the root.  The styling, on the other hand, must be smooth-smooth with preferably even and clear lengths: in short, we will spend more time arranging the hair.

 What about the 2021 hair trends in terms of hairstyles?

 Bon ton effect central line also for hairstyles.  The mantra is rigor yes, monotony no: so you will see low tails next to high ones or embellished with colored locks according to the eighties punk mood or enlivened by rhinestone inserts.  Among the best accessories to copy remains the sash which is an invitation to decorativism and freedom.

As for the 2021 hair color, the cold season will leave room for different interpretations with shades that will change from blond to cold brown.

 Finally, in the case of curly hair, the cuts can be short or long, with or without a tuft.  The mood is not to distort the curl, keeping it in order with foam or gel, without weighing it down too much but in search of naturalness.


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