World Active President Fiam

Active President of the F.I.A.M. Group

A curriculum full of many professional experiences, I have dedicated my whole life to this profession, full of passion and love and detention, and with the help of God I have given myself infinite satisfactions, awarded worldwide, with still a great desire to inspirations to fill and carry in my cultural baggage still many years full of successes.
My slogan? (Give your virtues to others).
(Animo procedant).
This phrase has accompanied me for many years in my life, and I respected it with so much love with so much strength of spirit and humility, because it was given to me.
I studied and studied various teaching techniques, developing and applying a personalized learning method, which will allow my students to get straight to the goal.
World champion as representative for the Italian national team, twice European champion
Six times golden scissors, Oscar for international fashion, Oscar for lifetime achievement. Oscar for the best European academy. Considered all over the world the architect of the Haircut. Repeatedly quoted by the most important magazines in the world as the most whimsical and most important Hai Stylist of our days.

Giancarlo Milanese F.I.A.M technical innovation and professionalism.

Lediana Kockici

President FIAM Albania

 President FIAM Albania

International Director Fashion & Consulting.
Organizer of the first fashion event Fiam.
International Cup 2020 16-17 February in Albania with the participation of 25 EU countries .

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The prestige of a federation is not just showing a Logo.

The prestige of a federation is showing dignity passion, determination, profession and above all professionalism. Respect for fashion and culture, of all the countries associated with it, ethical and moral respect.

A federation represents a school, and like all schools around the world they represent education and respect for everyone. We don’t look at other people’s house, we look only and exclusively in our house, we don’t hate other federations, but rather respect. If you want to be a REAL federation you must have this skills and passions, and never forget the “respect”.

We are F.I.A.M

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