Alternative Pro is a Youth Education Center (Vet School) with activities, education training, projects and events in all over western Balkan Countries. 

What we do.


FIAM(Federazione Internazionale Acconciatori Misti) Federation International Of world Hairdressers.
Is a world wide Federation that’s unit beauty artists all over the world under the same name, same ideology, same Federation.


International Academy is a Vocation Education School in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia with very qualified staff and trainers with experience and participation in EU Project.


The Erasmus +  Programme is a European Union student exhange programme. Is an education and training program which aims to increase the quality of higher education in Europe.


Alternative Pro is a organic part of a lot of EU projects, Erasmus Programme and E Twining projects in colalboration and partenership with EU countries and non EU countries.


Departament Talents and more tell everything about activities,best students, business and fashion events .

vet 4 western balcans

Vocational training programs are aimed at providing students with the competencies they need to enter the job market, practice a trade or occupation and continue to develop their occupational skills throughout their careers. It is also aimed at meeting the need for a skilled work force. 

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